Are Timeshare Owners Dummies? Part 1, Defining The Battle for The Hearts and Minds of America’s Timeshare Owners

Now, before you lynch me, NO, I don’t think timeshare owners are dummies, though many in the timeshare industry apparently do. Over the last few years, a battle for the hearts and minds of America’s timeshare owners has been quietly brewing. Big players, and millions of dollars are involved.  Two very distinct, and very different, viewpoints have emerged; polarizing the industry, and pitting owner against owner:

On one side, there’s the belief that buying timeshare makes financial sense, as opposed to years of vacationing in hotels. That while some people may be pressured into buying timeshare, the fashion in which it’s sold doesn’t determine its value. That timeshare is real estate, and like any other real property, it can be sold – if not for a profit, at least for an amount equal to its fractional value. That families who buy timeshare from a developer might buy resale instead, if given the opportunity, and if there is a savings involved.

On the opposition side, there’s the belief that buying timeshare is a foolish decision that owners will inevitably come to regret. That no one would buy a timeshare, were it not for slick salesman, high pressure tactics, and the fact of being a dummy. That expecting to get more than a couple hundred dollars on the resale market is just plain stupid, and that the sum of the parts (weeks) add up to far less than the whole (traditional ownership.) That since timeshare owners are dummies, they can be exploited for a profit. That since timeshare is invariably worthless, to simply be relieved of it will cost you thousands of dollars.

With the economy recovering, one side will be proven wrong. The battle is heating up, the gloves have come off, the web spammers are spamming… This is the story you haven’t heard yet.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be explaining both sides of the argument, and what’s at stake for millions of timeshare owners. If you own timeshare, you need this information. Staying neutral is not an option, and staying uninformed might very well make you an unwitting accomplice in the destruction of your timeshare resale values. Subscribe to this blog feed now, and share this important story with friends who own timeshare.


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Buy Daytona Speed Week Timeshare Resales Now!

Which sport is second only to Professional Football for television viewers in the U.S.? Which sport has over 75 million loyal fans that spend over $3 billion on licensed products every year? Which sport holds 17 of the 20 highest attended single-day events? If you didn’t guess NASCAR, you better have your pulse checked!

The Daytona 500 - "The Great American Race"

How about this question, when does an economy motel room cost over $300? Beginning with the Budweiser Shootout on February 6th, continuing with the Gatorade Duel on February 11th, and culminating with the Daytona 500 on February 14th, Daytona Speedweeks 2010 is upon us!

Loyal race fans have long understood the value of buying timeshare. In fact, most timeshares in the Daytona Beach area have already sold-out of week “6” – the traditional week of “The Great American Race.” It’s actually a bit of a running joke amongst race fans that take timeshares tours knowing full-well the resorts have nothing left to sell.

A recent check of mid-tier hotel rates during Daytona Speedweeks showed an average nightly rate around $385 + room taxes of 12.5% – that’s over $3,000 for one week! Add in the high cost of eating out, and your stock-car racing experience is a costly one, even before the price of tickets to the race.  There is another option for cost-conscious NASCAR lovers: Buy a Daytona Speed Week timeshare resale! After the purchase price, using your Speed Weeks timeshare will only cost you the maintenance fee (average $542 yearly) plus you’ll have a full kitchen, condo-style amenites, and room to bring friends!

Here are two rare Speed Weeks timeshares for sale at prices that can’t be beat:

Grand Seas Resort - Race Week Timeshare for SaleGrand Seas Resort – Daytona Beach, FL
Two-Bedroom/Two-Bath, Deeded Week 6 Every-Year
Sale Price: $24,900 negotiable

Cove on Ormond Beach - Race Week Timeshare ResalesThe Cove on Ormond Beach – Ormond Beach, FL
Two-Bedroom/Two-Bath, Deeded Week 6 Every-Year
Sale Price: $28,500 negotiable

Interested? Don’t miss your chance to own a deeded Race Week! Contact the owner and make an offer now!!

Already an Owner? Sell timeshare in Daytona Beach fast!


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Three Reasons to Buy a Timeshare Now

With the state of the Nations’ economy, buying a timeshare is probably not most family’s top priority, but maybe it should be. Here are three compelling reasons why now might be the perfect time to buy a timeshare:

1. Timeshare Resale Prices Will Never Be Lower

Sadly, many timeshare owners currently find themselves in a situation where they are both unable to use their weeks, and are in need of money for household expenses. This has led to highly desirable timeshares being placed on the market at prices far below market value, and while it might seem like these conditions could persist indefinitely, they won’t. The demographics of the average American timeshare owner are such that he/she is fairly well insulated against economic downturns: The average age of recent buyers is 52, and the median income of all owners is $81,000. It is only in the most dire of circumstances that typical owners need to sell timeshare, and all indications are that the most dire circumstances are now behind us.

2. Inflation, Inflation, Inflation

While economists often disagree about approaches to fiscal policy, most seem to feel inflation is on the way. Of course, we don’t need an economist’s opinion to realize this; even a cursory knowledge of history will lead one to expect inflation soon. When it arrives, the cost of vacationing will go up, and while this won’t stop Americans from taking vacations, many will be unable to take the same quality of vacations they do now. Buying a timeshare not only acts as a hedge against inflation, it protects the quality of the vacations you take.

Over time, timeshare maintenance fees have remained more or less immune to inflation, but that can’t be depended on when making a decision to buy timeshare. Even if maintenance fees begin to rise at the same pace as hotel room rates, they will never come close to equalling them, as the starting points for both are so disparate.

3. Owning Timeshare Forces You to Vacation

This is one of the oldest, and most often quoted, reasons to buy a timeshare, and for good reason: It’s true. There really is no excuse for not taking at least one weeks’ vacation each year with your family. In other countries, less than 3 or 4 weeks’ vacation every year would be unthinkable, but in America our hectic lifestyles can easily eclipse the desire to travel. When you own a timeshare, and have made your yearly maintenance fee payment, you are invested in taking a vacation, and therefore more likely to take one. By buying timeshare, you’re making a financial commitment to plan and take a week off with your loved ones. What better reason for buying timeshare could there really be?


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