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The Timeshare Bargain Basement – Discover the Best Timeshare Deals on the Web

When circumstances change suddenly, timeshare owners can easily find themselves in a situation where they have to quickly liquidate their properties; family emergencies, surprise expenses, the loss of a job. For the savvy shopper in search of timeshare deals, the owners’ loss can be your gain. Bay Tree Solutions introduces the Timeshare Bargain Basement!

To qualify for inclusion in our ‘Bargain Basement,’ a timeshare cannot be a ‘distressed’ property: the mortgage must be paid in full, the maintenance fees must be current, and no set sale price can be specified. All these timeshare resales are ‘make an offer’ priced – the owners will consider any and all offers! Thinking about buying timeshare? Get a deal so good you’ll be bragging about it.

The idea for creating the Timeshare Bargain Basement came out of a dilemma we found ourselves dealing with: As an advocate for fair market timeshare resale values, Bay Tree wouldn’t want to dilute the market with fire-sale prices. At the same time, those of our clients who needed to sell immediately required a venue that would encourage even the lowest offers to be made. With the Bargain Basement’s ‘best offer’ pricing, we’re able to showcase the very best timeshare deals, while preserving the values of our other inventory.

Don’t miss the timeshare deals available now in our new Bargain Basement!

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