About Help Timeshare

Help Timeshare Blog is dedicated to helping timeshare owners protect their investments in vacation ownership. By some estimates, Americans have invested over $100 billion in timeshares. Given the scope of what stands to be gained (or lost) by hard working Americans, one would expect the idea of solid timeshare resale values to be fairly non-controversial.
On the contrary though, much of the discussion taking place on the internet works to undermine the financial interests of the owner. Help Timeshare seeks to change this paradigm, by providing owners with information and empowerment. Together, we can make the timeshare resale market work!

The Help Timeshare Blog is written by Doug Milbrath, currently serving as the Marketing Director for Bay Tree Solutions, a leading timeshare resale firm. A native of Orlando, Florida, he was quickly captivated by the local cottage industry: timeshare sales. His insights come from over 16 years working in vacation ownership; from marketing to in-house sales, and since 2003 in resales. Doug enjoys travel, and frequently makes visits to the resorts he writes about. He and his family currently reside in the suburbs of North Atlanta.

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